Emma Knights

Emma Knights

Emma Knights

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • ASCA L1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Older Adults and Children's Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Metabolic Precision Level 2 Transformation Specialist
  • Metabolic Precision Level 1 Nutritionist
  • Metafit Coach
  • Member International Society Sports Nutrition (ISSN)
Emma Knights

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."

Emma has been around the fitness industry on and off for the last 20 years.  Since joining Results PT Studio and doing her own transformation, she has now discovered there is a better, smarter and more sustainable approach to fitness.

With a husband, 5 kids and work, Emma knows exactly what it is like to juggle commitments.  She believes, the best project you can work on is you and her goal is to share her passion, to help each and every one of our members achieve their best!

Emma's is a fun loving trainer who will bring out the best in you, she has an extensive knowledge of resistance training and adapting that to women - having grown up with a mum that competed in figure competitions.  Those old days were crazy with extreme diets and mismatched training and nutrition. Trainers and clients were just guessing, and learning from magazines.  Thank goodness we now have a structured program that perfectly matches nutrition to exercise with amazing results!

There isn't really any difference between training men and women, it's just getting women to believe that they can do it. Using a science based program Emma can help you burn fat and look sensational!
Metabolic Precision Level 2 Transformation Specialist

"We want you to get Results, and guarantee it"

We didn't get into fitness to just run group fitness classes, we do this to make a difference, to empower people to not just look better but feel better about themselves, to understand that it's ok to be human. We do this to change people's lives.


Our programs focus on improving health and body composition using the four pillars of success, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Accountability. Our transformation programs combine resistance training to build muscle to improve health and change body shape, group exercise classes to improve cardiovascular fitness and our world leading habits based nutrition program to educate you about a sustainable lifestyle, not a diet, change your life forever!

Nutrition Coaching

Brand New Me for exact nutrition coaching helping you achieve incredible body transformations. If you care about your health and fitness, but need some help with nutrition and lifestyle habits contact us at Brand New Me we have all the scientific concepts, all the experience, all the practical how-to and its all in one place. So if you want to look and feel great without food deprivation, 'dieting', or putting your body through endless strenuous workouts, please complete the form below and change your life forever.

If what we do sounds like what you are looking for we would love to have a chat.

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