It's not every day you have someone contact you to put on weight but it does happen.

You see putting on weight on a scientific level is no different in principle to someone trying to lose weight, it's all about the calories in and out. The weird thing with most ectomorphs (skinny people) is what happens to their metabolism when you increase calories, it actually speeds up to compensate for the increase in calories and to keep the person lean so they need even more calories.


We have had a great start to 2018 in our Nambucca centre. 😁😁

Group Fitness classes have been busy! Our Metafit, BodyBlitz Circuit, and TRX classes have been well frequented by our members, both old and new! We have also had quite a few newcomers this year, which is truly wonderful to see! We love seeing people make their health and fitness a priority, it drives us to continuously deliver the best and most effective workouts to our clients week after week. Not to mention, we have lots of FUN!

Do you have a coach? Are you wasting money at the "gym" busting your ass and missing out on the results you desire?

I recently caught up with one of our Accelerate clients Katie for a chat to see how the program was working for her and what changes she had noticed in the last 6 months.

Katie and her friend Regan (also on the Accelerate program) used to do their own training circuits at the local gym but it wasn’t working. Sound familiar?

They weren’t changing in body composition, getting toned or losing fat, which after all was why they were going to the gym at 5.30am.  Along with the ineffectiveness of their workouts Katie who has struggled with a sore back since injuring it at a “bootcamp” 5 years ago would quite often reinjure it.

Marching at the Nambucca Heads ANZAC day celebrations this week got me thinking. For me it had been 30 years since I had to march for a living and for some of the other ex-serviceman and women in our flight it would have been over 50 years yet when the command “by the right, quick march” was given we all stepped forward with our left foot into a 30 inch step.

This got me thinking, how is it that after so long 24 men and women can still march well? Systems and education, the military runs on systems and procedures for everything, even what time to eat and where and how to get fed. If the Air Force didn’t have systems planes would fall out of the sky, people would get killed.

What does it feel like struggling with unwanted weight and feeling like you have lost control over your health.  Your weight means you have constant joint pain  which you treat daily with pain killers. On top of this you have the pressures of family, work commitments and running your own business. It’s a struggle keeping up physically and mentally, things, life just seems to keep pushing you back at every turn. On top of all this your Dr is urging you to take action, your health is suffering- you need to do something and fast. You have tried all the diets, PT's, Gyms but nothing is working, and you’re so confused about what to do next….


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