Imagine trying to sleep on your couch at night (so as not to wake your partner) with a hot water bottle, dosed up on neurofen from the pain of diverticulitis.Imagine waking up tired and sore everyday from this nightly ritual. Imagine struggling to do day to day activities because you not only struggle with diverticulitis, but sciatica as well. Perhaps you don't need to imagine, because maybe this is you?

Having a vested interest in Brand New Me, I’ve been asked to write about my experience in the gym. A perspective from a quasi-client! I’ve always been one to exercise and gone with the various trends over the years: Oz Aerobics on the TV, I used to record on VHS and do later. I’ve been a member of various gyms, I’ve done karate, skied, done body-pump classes and Zumba had a PT,

Article by Liz Gold. I would like to share my story so far with you all. I realise it’s only been 12 weeks but I feel amazing. A couple of years ago I wanted to lose 10kg (which I lost but found afterwards!) I starved myself, walked for hours each day, rode the exercise bike for an hour each day sometimes twice a day until I was exhausted and felt awful. Why?

“I don’t want to look like a man.”

“Lifting weights will make me bulky.”

“I don’t want too much muscle. Guys don’t like girls with muscle.”

“Squatting heavy will make my thighs big.” Hands up if you’ve heard, or even spoken these words?

There's a mummy on my roof and she's NOT eating cake 'Mummy is on a diet. She eats lettuce, tomato and cheese. My Big brother eats peanut butter sandwiches. I eat honey sandwiches. The hippopotamus on our roof eats cake all the time.' Reading this children's book to my daughter recently and this particular page sparked a lot of thought inside of my head.


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