The fitness industry pushes all manner of diets and training methods that often just leave people confused. In fact the more obscure the more likely it will get a following, butter in coffee anyone?

According to the Suncorp Bank, Cost of Being Fit Report In 2015 Australians spent $8.5 Billion or $2340 per houshold on diets and fitness. There are celebrity weight loss challenges, gym memberships are growing but often see people give up and not attend.  Some weight loss programs have you counting calories or scoring points like eating is a some weird health game like golf where the lowest number wins. Then there are the meal plans that just tell you want to eat without addressing what foods you like or those habits that see you having fast food each Friday night.  There are even home delivered meals that also don't address habits but also leave people hungry and snacking between meals. 

The new year is upon us and can you believe that we are already half way through January!?

Hands up who set a new year's resolution this year?  Keep your hand up if that resolution was based around losing those pesky kilo's, getting into shape or cutting out sugar or some other food group in the name of health? If your hand is still up, take a look around you, I promise you, you are not alone.

To change is to act greater than the memorised self. 

To change any aspect of your life, you must change who you are – or more importantly, who you believe yourself to be. Going through the motions of your daily life, doing the same work, seeing the same people, reacting the same way to situations, and feeling the same way about yourself creates a memorised self. This self is the one we know, the one we trust and the one we feel most comfortable with – even when we desire to change.

Women judge their self-worth and success on a number on some impersonal object that records overall weight, not fat. Your body is made up of water, muscle, bones, connective tissue and yes fat so focusing on fat loss is like focusing on just the tyre pressure on you car. What about the oil, water and everything else that the car needs to run well? You can't fix a flat battery by pumping up the tyres.


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