Are you toiling away and training hard without any real sense of what the “end game” is or how you will get there? 

If you were catching a cab from the airport, would you tell the cab driver to just drive to no particular destination and take whatever route they chose? Highly unlikely!

Imagine you are walking along the beach, it's a glorious spring day and the suns rays feel warming upon your body. Not long now and summer will be here and all the winter clothing will be peeled off to reveal the all too familure damage a winter of sitting inside eating pizza and watching Netflix has accomplished. You long for the day when you don't have to worry about diets and why your energy levels are crap. You are tired of thinking about how you look and that you would rather hide away, you lack the confidence to really get out and enjoy life,  you tell yourself you need to lose weight and start exercising for the tenth time. One day you will start, you promise yourself.

What is the secret to success? Why is it that two people can have the exact same information yet only one succeeds?

It's not knowledge, they both have the same level so what is it?

I love what I do. I am passionate about helping people improve their looks, health, self-confidence and living lives full of adventure.

Whilst doing this I sometimes have people contact me who want to be fit, healthy and lose weight but they aren’t really committed to making a change in their circumstances. They have a success disconnect. They want to lose weight, be healthier, look better but for some incomprehensible reason, they don’t see a connection between their desire for success and the behaviour they are embracing.

It's not every day you have someone contact you to put on weight but it does happen.

You see putting on weight on a scientific level is no different in principle to someone trying to lose weight, it's all about the calories in and out. The weird thing with most ectomorphs (skinny people) is what happens to their metabolism when you increase calories, it actually speeds up to compensate for the increase in calories and to keep the person lean so they need even more calories.


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