Will This Make The Boat Go Faster

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Will this make the boat go faster? On Sunday 24th September 2000 the British rowing team coxed mens 8 were about to start their race on Penrith Lakes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They hadn’t won an Olympic Gold medal since Stockholm in 1912, 88 years previously.

It’s Not Lactic Acid

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It’s not the lactic acid that forces you and your muscles to slow down or stop, it’s a build up of hydrogen ions (H+) making the muscle cells more acidic. In a process called Anaerobic Glycolysis carbohydrates are broken down to provide energy creating Pyruvate and Hydrogen ions (H+).

The BNM Nutrition Philosophy

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I recently did a post showing our trainer Emma’s stunning transformation from an overweight mum of 5 to a Personal Trainer, Transformation Specialist and Nutrition Coach who competes in physique competitions and helps others live healthy lives. Whilst the overwhelming majority of comments (over 100) were positive and saw Em’s transformation as inspirational and empowering…

A Story About Living In The Moment

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Peter and the Golden Thread – A Story About Living in the Moment This is the story of Peter and the Golden Thread. Peter was a young boy who could never live in the moment. When he was in school, he dreamed of being outside playing. When he was outside playing, he dreamed of his summer vacation.…

Money and Muscle. Both are Worth Having

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Imagine you are 30 years old and have been given $100,000 in your bank account, yippee. You decide that this money is going to remain in that bank account until your retirement, you are not going to touch it. It’s just going to sit there as your nest egg.

Want Results? Get a Coach

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Do you have a coach? Are you wasting money at the “gym” busting your ass and missing out on the results you desire? I recently caught up with one of our Accelerate clients Katie for a chat to see how the program was working for her and what changes she had noticed in the last…

The Magic of Exercise

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It’s not every day you have someone contact you to put on weight but it does happen. You see putting on weight on a scientific level is no different in principle to someone trying to lose weight, it’s all about the calories in and out. The weird thing with most ectomorphs (skinny people) is what…

Amazing Lisa J

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What does it feel like struggling with unwanted weight and feeling like you have lost control over your health.  Your weight means you have constant joint pain  which you treat daily with pain killers. On top of this you have the pressures of family, work commitments and running your own business. It’s a struggle keeping…

ANZAC Day and Systems

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Marching at the Nambucca Heads ANZAC day celebrations this week got me thinking. For me it had been 30 years since I had to march for a living and for some of the other ex-serviceman and women in our flight it would have been over 50 years yet when the command “by the right, quick…

What’s Karate got to do with Nutrition Coaching?

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How does being a 2nd degree black belt in Karate and Kyusho Jitsu help me as a nutrition coach? Those of you that know me know I used to do karate and run a karate club and what has this got to do with coaching weight loss you may ask. To get a Goshin Ryu Karate…

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