Sleep and Your Weight

By brandnewme | June 10, 2020 | Comments Off on Sleep and Your Weight

Sleep and Weight: Can Too Little Sleep Cause Weight Gain? This is a reprint of an article in 2017 on Are sleep and weight somehow connected? Can too little sleep make weight loss more difficult? Even worse, can insufficient sleep lead to fat and weight gain? These are some of the questions we regularly…

How Do You Achieve A REAL Transformation?

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How do you achieve a REAL Transformation? You stop looking for quick fixes, 8 week challenges, detoxes etc You have a damn good reason to change, your WHY You work with a team that has a proven track record, the skills and experience You educate yourself about your training and nutrition You lift heavy weights…

Women Are Different

By brandnewme | December 23, 2019 | 2 Comments

Women are different! For decades the fitness industry has trained women the same as men, or worse, encouraged women into aerobics classes telling them they will look like men if they pick up any weight heavier than 2kg. This mindset came about in the 80’s bodybuilding era when gyms needed a softer image to market…

Big Goals Need Little Goals

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You have set yourself a big goal, congratulations. That goal may be to stop smoking, drink less, lose weight, run the City 2 Surf or in my case achieve my Karate Black Belt To achieve a Karate Black Belt takes around 4 years, a long time to stay focused on a goal, so how did…

Mindset Matters

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Training mindset..  There’s never a perfect day for training, we all have things going on in our lives that we use as a reason to not give our all, every day you could find an “out”, find the reason you can’t do something.   It could be that it’s a session you don’t like (most of the…

Meal Prep Tips For Busy People.

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Food prep, there is never enough time, always too much to do, we may as well just eat what’s easy to grab, who cares about the quality it’s just food, right? Well, not necessarily, as a mum of two and working full time (my day starts at 5am) I find being prepared with our food…

Will This Make The Boat Go Faster

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Will this make the boat go faster? On Sunday 24th September 2000 the British rowing team coxed mens 8 were about to start their race on Penrith Lakes at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They hadn’t won an Olympic Gold medal since Stockholm in 1912, 88 years previously.

It’s Not Lactic Acid

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It’s not the lactic acid that forces you and your muscles to slow down or stop, it’s a build up of hydrogen ions (H+) making the muscle cells more acidic. In a process called Anaerobic Glycolysis carbohydrates are broken down to provide energy creating Pyruvate and Hydrogen ions (H+).

The BNM Nutrition Philosophy

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I recently did a post showing our trainer Emma’s stunning transformation from an overweight mum of 5 to a Personal Trainer, Transformation Specialist and Nutrition Coach who competes in physique competitions and helps others live healthy lives. Whilst the overwhelming majority of comments (over 100) were positive and saw Em’s transformation as inspirational and empowering…

A Story About Living In The Moment

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Peter and the Golden Thread – A Story About Living in the Moment This is the story of Peter and the Golden Thread. Peter was a young boy who could never live in the moment. When he was in school, he dreamed of being outside playing. When he was outside playing, he dreamed of his summer vacation.…