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We are and evidence-based, body-positive, personal training studio with the knowledge, experience and tools to help men and women reach their health and fitness goals whilst falling in love with themselves. With four qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches, three nutrition coaches and a combined experience of over 30 years as coaches we are the best equipped health and fitness centre on the Coffs Coast bar none.
We get results for our clients! Whether that's weight loss or being an elite athlete and anything in between.

Philip Atkinson
Philip AtkinsonOwner &
Phil founded Brand New Me because most Gym's only focused on group fitness classes, not the many facets needed to help someone lose weight or improve their performance. Following his own transformation from over 110kg Phil has been helping people to achieve their best for over 20 years firstly as a karate instructor and now as a fitness professional. Anyone can be a trainer but as one of Coffs Coast's most qualified coaches he knows it takes a special kind of person to bring about that change. Phil brings a lot of life skills, determination and focus born from the martial arts, extensive knowledge in nutrition and training to teach clients a simple evidence based solution to optimal health.

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Vaughan Carder
Vaughan CarderStrength Coach
Vaughan is one of the Coffs Coast's leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches whose passion is Strongman training and helping people be the strongest and most confident they can be. Anyone can be a trainer, but it takes a special kind of person to be a coach. A great coach creates connection, trust and is able to guide someone through a transformation journey. There is a lot more to getting results for people than just giving them a workout. With over 10 years experience helping hundreds of people get healthier, eat better, feel better about themselves, have a healthier relationship with themselves and transform their bodies. I coach clients to set and achieve their goals.

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Emma Knights
Emma KnightsHead Trainer
Manager Nambucca Heads
Emma is a fun loving trainer who will bring out the best in you. Emma has had her own transformation joining BNM years ago as a an overweight mum of 5. At that stage Em was dreaming of getting on stage and competing as her mother had done. With her years of experience competing in Bodybuilding and Physique competitions Emma has extensive knowledge in resistance training matched to nutrition and adapting that for women and body composition. Emma loves showing women what amazing things they are capable of. Whether your goal is to compete or just look better and keep up with the family Emma can help you achieve it.

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Tiffany Townsend
Tiffany TownsendTrainer/
Tiff was that girl who had tried every diet, detox, celebrity weight loss program and some you have never heard of. Having lost over 35kg by following our simple and sustainable exercise and nutrition program she now wants to help show other mums what's possible when you ignore the fads. Tiff never wanted her daughter to go through what she has weight wise and she now helps other mums understand that it's ok prioritise yourself, it actually makes you a role model and better mum with more energy and focus. Tiffany has evolved into an amazing trainer, able to understand a client's struggles whilst showing them how to become the best possible version of themselves.

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Dan Tempest
Dan TempestProgram Director
Manager Coffs harbour
Dan qualified as a PT 8 years ago and in 2015 he undertook an internship with Under Armour in the US learning the finer points of strength & conditioning coaching from various NFL and NBA coaches. During his career as a PT Dan has worked at Coffs Coast Health Club, been a facilitator for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers teaching dozens of PT’s their craft and recently as the manager of F45 Coffs Harbour. Dan brings the number of ASCA Strength Coaches at BNM to four, the largest of any fitness facility on the Coffs Coast and is indicative of where our primary training focus is. Strong people look better, perform better and feel better.

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Kate Atkinson
Being diagnosed as Coeliac in her teens Kate has always had an interest in nutrition and how it affects a person's overall health. Kate recently graduated Mac Nutrition Uni the world's leading evidence based Online Nutrition learning program studying under the founder Martin MacDonald. There can be many factors such as PCOS that can affect a woman's weight loss efforts and it's understanding how this all relates that is important to helping clients on their journey. The diet industry is full of fads and myths designed to confuse people into buying some magic supplement. Good nutrition can be simple and when you understand how simple it can be it's sustainable.

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