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You wouldn't hire a box trailer and expect your garden to be landscaped like a professional but that is exactly what people are doing when they join a "gym" they are hiring the use of the equipment, that's it.

Anyone can “sell” workouts, what separates BNM from other fitness centres is our research based programming, experience and the quality of our coaching. The level of focused instruction we give you while supporting you on your journey is the pinnacle of what we stand for.

Everything we do from our amazing BNM Lean & Strong program to our expert Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training is based on providing our clients with what they personally need to achieve amazing results. It's not some generic cookie cutter program and meal plan, whether that is face to face or through our Online Coaching Program, what we do is personal.

There are no mirrors at BNM, no idiots and no judgement, just an awesome supportive community and coaches that want you to succeed!

We take a holistic approach to our clients health and fitness that incorporates strength training, conditioning, nutrition, mindset, stress, sleep and recovery management. Everything we do has a purpose. It's about helping people move better, look fantastic and have the strength and vitality to take on anything life dishes out.

Our highly qualified coaches have delivered over 20,000 sessions that have helped thousands of people experience a more active lifestyle so you are in safe hands.

Who Is Brand New Me?

We are unlike any gym or training facility you have been to before. Brand New Me is a health and fitness studio in Coffs Harbour that focuses on how you feel and perform over how you look. We match evidence based exercise programming with nutrition catered for you, no fads or crash diets here! It's like 1 on 1 Personal Training but better, it's a community.


Judgement Free Environment

Focused on Health and Performance

Gender Specific Programs

A supportive community

Highly qualified coaches


We Aren’t Like Any Other Gym

We offer a holistic and lifestyle change for you to create long lasting change, a result you can be proud of.

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When you achieve your dreams so do we, our personal trainers are here for you every step of the way.


We’ve Been There

You’re not alone in your fitness journey, we have all started from where you are today.



Join a group of people who are passionate about the same life changing experience you are looking for.

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How It Works

  • 1. Elite Consultation In Person: Find out what’s been holding you back

  • 2. Work on you through exercise and nutrition guidance

  • 3. Continue to strive for greatness


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about 
BRAND NEW ME Coffs Harbour personal training


Jamie walked into our community one Monday night for his first class, Metafit one of our toughest classes and gave it his all. Jamie weighed 93kg, was about to turn 50, was on medication for cholesterol, had zero flexibility, no energy, and struggled doing everyday tasks. Jamie now weighs 77kg, down 16kg!

Jamie Bertram


I have dropped two dress sizes and I am feeling more vibrant and energetic than I have in a long time. Also, at a regular check up with my GP I was informed that I could cease my blood pressure medication! Apparently, this was a really good day for him as he rarely gets to take people off their meds. He promptly told me I had Phil Atkinson to thank.

Maxine Townsend


Brand New Me has a great atmosphere. It is a place where anyone feels welcome and you instantly become part of a community of wonderful people and trainers that all strive to make you feel good and look great! Philip's knowledge in MP is highly extensive and he has helped me achieve amazing results without having to workout for hours upon hours.

Elly Weaver


As a new mum I was struggling to lose my baby weight and it was really affecting my self esteem. 11 weeks postpartum I met Phil and started training at Brand New Me. 9 weeks in and I had lost 9kgs, dropped 2 dress sizes, and was feeling so much better within myself and physically much stronger and leaner thanks to Phil’s dedication in training me and guiding me with my nutrition. The program fitted so well around my baby and her routines, with classes on at lunch time 3 x (2 FIRE and 1 TRX) a week - baby napped in her pram while I worked out! Couldn’t thank you enough Phil for everything 😊

Hannah Clark

Registrations & Partnerships

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Sleep and Your Weight

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